Types of Interpretation

1. Simultaneous interpretation (SI): SI is often used in official international conferences. Normally interpreters sit in the Booth at the end of the conference room, receiving information from speakers through earphones and sight or visual information and then interpreting to the microphone. In the meantime, the audience sitting in the conference room can listen to the simultaneous and uninterrupted interpretation of interpreters through special audio receivers. TRANSJOY SI team boasts abundant high-end international conference interpreting experience, including SI for top international major conferences, economic forums and official meetings organized by governments. 

2. Consecutive interpretation (CI): CI is applied in technical exchanges, business negotiations or higher-level academic conferences. Consecutive interpreters re-produce all the information of the source language accurately and completely with clear and natural target language during the intervals of listing to the speakers’ speech. Conference CI requires interpreters to be able to listen to and retain 5-10 minutes uninterrupted speech before using sound speaking skills to completely and accurately interpret all the content.

3. General business interpretation: Small business meetings, negotiations, overseas tours, factory or site visits, exhibitions etc.

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Quality Control

Interpreter selection

In order to provide clients with the most suitable interpreters to achieve the purpose of communication, we select the interpreters with the expected language proficiency and background knowledge are out of many candidates.

Quick Coordination

After clearly understanding clients’ needs, we will give a final quotation and a quick introduction to interpreters’ competence, interpreting methods and interpreting equipment. We are able to identify competent interpreters in the shortest time possible based on our company management system.

Interpreter Management

We choose the most suitable interpreters based on the business content and difficulty. In order to reach the highest reproduction rate and convey complete information, our interpreters will make full preparation before each assignment.

Interpreting Skills and Business Etiquette

Apart from the necessary qualifications, interpreting skills and professional knowledge, interpreters should also know business etiquette, be able to concentrate, cherish strong professionalism and have the ability to cope with emergencies.

SI Equipment Installation + On-site Assistance 

We assign coordinators to help with the on-site installation and management of SI equipment and cope with emergencies. The scope of assistance covers supply and debugging of equipment, response to changes in speech text and materials, and recovery of receivers.

Task Completion and Feedback

With reference to clients’ feedback and reports from interpreters, we give comments on each project so as to improve our service quality.

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Time Minute ~ Time Minute

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Price priority, content requirements can understand
Real original, literal translation
Easy to understand, can be translated, the final translation is modified by itself
Adjust the structure and format of the article in combination with the expression habits of the target audience and the region of use.

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