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Guangzhou TRANSJOY Translation Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive language service provider focusing on translation, education training and business services. Our team consists of graduates from key foreign language colleges at home and abroad and international interdisciplinary talents with relevant background in different industries. With minority language service as the core, we aspire to develop an individualized professional and high-quality translation team. The main languages our services cover include: English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Burmese and Indonesian. We have been a constant supplier of government departments, multi-national companies, domestic enterprises and public institutions, especially Chinese enterprises with investment abroad.

Main business
Interpretation service
Interpretation Services
  • (1) Simultaneous interpretation for top international conferences, economic forums, official meetings organized by governments etc.;
    (2) Consecutive interpretation for medium-sized conferences, technical exchanges, business negotiations or higher-level academic conferences;
    (3) General liaison interpretation for small business meetings, negotiations, overseas tours, factory or site visits, exhibitions etc.
Translation service
Translation Services
  • 1.Document translation: business documents, company profiles, survey reports, product specifications, legal contracts, government documents, academic papers, medical documents etc.
    2.Translation with stamp: household register, birth certificate, marriage certificate, ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, driver’s license, business license, bank certificate, product certification, quality certification, translation, certificates of overseas students, property ownership certificate etc.
Training Services
Training Services
  • In the course of providing language services, TRANSJOY has developed the teaching mode characterized by a combination of languages and practices and now provides unique small-class teaching. Aimed at increasing learning efficiency, the training helps students consolidate their language foundation, break learning bottlenecks and “apply their knowledge” in the shortest time possible.
Business Services
Translation Services
  • TRANSJOY business services provide a strong guarantee for international communication, science and technology, development research and government purchases. Our main services include consulting and investigation, international technical talents introduction, consultation for overseas enterprises investing in China, import and export trade connection, mechanical repair agent services. Besides, we also play an important role in the language service strategies, establishment of communication and interaction platforms, promotion of supply and demand connection, and trade matching in the course of realizing Chinese enterprises’ “going global”.
Team Advantage
Our Advantages
  • Reverb translation
    Apart from translation and interpretation between a foreign language and Chinese, we also provide translation and interpretation between foreign languages, such as Russian-English-Chinese, Japanese-English-Chinese, French-English-Chinese, German-English-Chinese, Korean-English-Chinese, Spanish-English-Chinese, Arabic-English-Chinese and Thai-English-Chinese.
  • Team architecture
    There are 58 full-time interpreters, 33 translators, 129 registered English interpreters, 364 Japanese interpreters, including 9 Japanese translators; and 125 interpreters with international academic conferences.
  • Member qualification
    31% of our translation team members have a PhD degree and 69% a master’s degree. Our members consist of graduates from domestic and overseas renowned foreign language institutions, translation experts, professors and doctors from research institutes and graduate schools, PhD in Translation Studies and foreign experts.
  • University cooperation
    In cooperation with a number of foreign language colleges, experts and professors from different faculties and departments have led the team to review, which has largely realized the fine division of language, ensuring the immediacy and stability of docking and improving the quality of translation.
Cooperation Case
Cooperation Case
Law and finance:
People’s Government of Guangdong Province
People’s Procuratorate of Guangdong Province
People’s Procuratorate of Shenzhen Municipality
Machinery and equipment:
Nakanishi transport equipment (Foshan) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Maruka Trading Co., Ltd.
Auto parts and steel:
GAC Hino Motors Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Unipres Precision Co., Ltd
Wanli Tire Corporation Limited
Healthcare and pharmaceuticals:
SOS International Assistance Group
The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University
Astellas Pharma (China) Inc.
Japan Feather Razor Corporation
Metal processing:
Guangdong Press Metal Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Huangchang Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd.
Sports and entertainment:
Sandy Lam’s PRANAVA World Tour in Guangzhou
China Badminton Super League 2016-2017
Guangdong Branch of China Auto Sports Club
Dongguan Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings Limited
Furniture and building materials:
J.eclat Corporation
Shenzhen Asiantime International Construction Co., Ltd.
Educational institutions:
Guangzhou Japanese School
Pinjun Holdings Limited
Educational institution:
Japan School of Guangzhou